About Us

Janette and I have holidayed in Florida for many years. After trying all forms of accommodation, with children of all ages, we are firmly convinced that the most relaxing and fun filled holidays are those when we stay in our own private villa.

It was a natural progression to buy our own villa. Renting it out has been good fun, with only minor tribulations and, (I'm touching a solid piece of wood as you read this I hope), none of the occasional horror stories you hear about. In 2014 we upgraded to a larger villa in a great location. In years to come it will remain our holiday home, and a jumping off point for travel further afield. In the meantime we hope you enjoy it too.

Drop us an email if you are interested in owning a villa of your own. We are always happy to let you know what we've learned over the years and we've managed to steer clear of a few problems that we now know about, in complete ignorance along the way!

More importantly we've got some contacts that we feel confident you can trust if you decide to take the plunge.